Eye Shadow Palette

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From an everyday look to something bright and bold for a special occasion: this Waterproof Mineral eyeshadow palette brings 35 shades of highly pigmented matte, satin, glitter and shimmer formulas to the table. And, as ALWAYS, Cruelty Free.

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CourtLynn Cosmetics is dedicated to providing our customers with best in-class products.  Our custom eye shadow palettes is a prime example of the quality we are sure you will come to associate with all CourtLynn Cosmetics products.  Enjoy long lasting, waterproof color.  This palette represents so many different levels of life, from the bottom to the top and everywhere in-between.  Your dreams are achievable no matter how small or how big! At CourtLynn Cosmetics we adhere to high standards.  Certified ISO 22716 standards for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).  Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. *Special shout-outs: To Nae.  You are were the embodiment of beauty and I wish you were here to see it. To Hay-hay.  I love you baby-girl and you keep the dream alive!! To Rach’. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to keep going!!


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